Friday, March 18, 2011

Two more to add to the Finished List

Title: The Understudy
Author: David Nicholls
ISBN: 9780812971415
Source: Third Place Books - used
Pages: 354
Rating: Tolerable, 2.5 stars
Storyline: Stephen is the understudy to THE Josh Harper for a one-man play. He is struggling to find himself in the acting world where he is typically cast as Dead Guy #2.  As he gets sucked into Josh's celebrity world, he's placed in new situations where he doesn't always pick the best path through.  I didn't love the character, and was irritated by him most of the time, so the book was a bit hard to trudge through in the middle.  I liked the ending though - enough to miss my bus stop this morning!
Other: Read One Day by Nicholls and it was Ok; probably not worth the buzz it's been getting, though it did cause me to say "oh!" outloud at one point. (A trait I really like in books!)

Title: The Late, Lamented Molly Marx
Author: Sally Koslow
ISBN: 9780345506214
Source: Target
Pages: 336
Rating: 4 stars, would read again
Storyline: Young woman's mysterious death; story interweaves what happened leading up to the death with her vantage point from "the Duration" looking back at those dealing with her death; don't know until the very end what really happened.
Other: Look forward to reading more by her - "Little Pink Slips"

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