Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Reading Challenges - UPDATED (again)

I've only recently started checking out blogs about other book readers.  (The ones I currently follow are listed in the right margin.) Through those blogs I've found out about reading challenges, and just in time to start in January.  I've joined two so far:
1. 100+ Reading Challenge for 2011 - read 100 books in 2011 (can't have started them before the new year)
2. Chunkster Reading Challenge 2011 - different levels of commitment to the greater tomes. I've chosen the easiest level - 4 fiction books over 450 pages each.  No e-books; just real, old-fashioned paper books.  This one doesn't officially start until February 1, so I've got some time to get other shorter books done in January.
3. 2011 The 3 R's Challenge - Read, Review, Recognize - this is the challenge set up by a group of book ladies who met through each others's blogs.  If you see a book recommended on another blog and you like it, review it on your blog and thank them for the recommendation.  Seems easy and I like the recognition part.  I'll try the easy level on this one too - 1-6 books this year.
4. Take a Chance Challenge 3 - I found a new challenge that looks like it'll be super fun.  There are 10 categories of ways to find new books to read (Staff Membe'rs Choice, Loved One's Choice, etc.).  Check out the link to see them all.  Books can be in any format and can count for other challenges.We'll see how I do with each of these.
5. What's in a name 4 - This challenge has 7 categories for books to choose, based on the titles (Book with a NUMBER in the title, Book with a SIZE in the title, etc.).  Also sounds fun!
Do you have reading goals for this year?



  1. Hi Robin:
    So glad you are joining us in the 3Rs Challenge. Besides giving those bloggers the recognition for writing the great reviews that allow us to add to our ever growing tbr list, we hope to have some fun...kind of like a big book club block stop by often, let us know if you find some awesome reviews, share your thoughts on books you have read, have some laughs, meet others that love books as much as you do and hopefully even have friendships form, thats how I met Julie and Gina. So stop by often, we have surprise giveaways planned. Look forward to seeing you!!!!

  2. WooHoo....I'm your first follower. I remember how excited I was when Vicki from Reading At The Beach was my first follower. I am sure there will be many, many more. The best advice Vicki gave me was this...."the nicest bloggers are book bloggers" if you ever have any questions, just ask.

  3. Yay for a follower! Thanks for the encouragement. I've become very excited about this blog and the reading ahead of me in 2011. Happy New Year!

  4. Welcome to the Take A Chance challenge! I hope you have fun with it and get lots of fun and surprising books to read.

    Here is the link to the blog that I created to post your finished entries: